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Old 26th June 2003
Newview Newview is offline
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I agree, the big winning streaks of card counters get the publicity, but you get winning streaks with a plus 1% as well as a -1% edge !!

Anyway, I only mentioned the card counter theory because ... well ... I want to believe it.

Have a look at my post in the internet section, talking of playing BJ with an "edge" and it being boring ... profitable, though.
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Old 28th June 2003
Brian Brian is offline
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I saw that post. That looks like a different situation where you are exploiting a weakness in the marketing system. It may be boring but sounds like there is a guaranteed win at the end. Card counting offers no such guarantee.

Would you be prepared to go 10,000 in a boring hole while waiting for your online bonus system to kick in - with no guarantee that it ever would?

To answer your original question, yes, the more "card counters" the better.
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Old 3rd July 2003
Newview Newview is offline
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Sorry, I wasn't comparing the two except to say they were both boring.
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Old 5th July 2003
Cristov Cristov is offline
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Roulette computers and cheat devices

I have found a few addresses of the gaming devices we talked about.

I am not back at my department yet, but did some searches on the net to track some of the devices down

As you know we found that only one roulette computer worked that we tried that gave an outstanding edge. That was Mark Anthony Howe's device at

Regarding roulette, the other three we tried came no where, to difficult to setup or the maths was very basic and unable to cope with the complexities of roulette. These included> -same as newtonroulette above.
Copernicus -will email site when I get back to work.
Ulysees-will email site when I get back to work.

here are some more links >

Will email you all the addresses when I return to my department, if they allow me.
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Old 6th July 2003
Brian Brian is offline
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Join Date: Oct 2002
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Angry More Crap!

(Oh! I'm sorry, did I post this twice?)


Unfortunately, from time to time, this and the other forums become the targets of gambling "systems" scams. Recently, we had Bev711's goodwill message to the gambling fraternity regarding a failsafe craps system. Now, we are being treated to Christov's load of old bollocks about a roulette prediction computer that will turn up a sole predicted number 1 time in 20 spins (how come it fails the other 19 times?).

I've had a look at Mark Anthony (I come to bury your finances not to raise them) Howe's website and some of the Nowscape "roulette mail" baloney that Christov offered links to. It appears that the basic premise of the scan is that if you keep on saying that you are a scientist (horrible grammar being merely another eccentricity), throw in a few classic mathematician's names as product names, set-up a banter between yourself and a typical Russian (these Russians are very clever mathematicians and scientist, don't you know?) who can write in English but has trouble with pronouns, etc, (So he write like a "Russian" speaks, for example: "I have trouble with ball not leaving rim at predicted point." Etc.)

MA Howe tells us all about "least square fit polynomials" and other nonsense and describes how a "bunch of collage {sic} kids" came up with a device that was "stuffed into some 70's platform shoes with solenoids that would tap the sector or octant the ball was predicted to go in on the rotor". He goes on to tell us that this group of "collage" kids went on to reinvent the world, etc., etc.

This computer is not Mark Anthony Howe's crowning acheivement, though. Far from it. He has actually played God and invented his own laws and mathematical systems: "And I knew from my data and my personal manipulation of my own wheel that the 2nd order polynomial seemed to behave erratically. I later developed some more mathematics that would better suit the wheels rotor and ball, but more importantly get round the human errors of timing too!"

"Developed some more mathematics". This guy has gone where Copernicus never dreamed! He is truly the Dr. Frankenstein of the Mathematics world.

I'm not sure at this point if Christov is the Doctor himself, or some virtual Igor helping his Maaaster to bring his findings to the world.

I do know that all Christov's posts are designed to add credibility to the scam offered on MA Howe's website.

Christov will be permitted to answer these accusations for a couple of days (or until I get bored), at which point all of his posts will be removed.
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Old 7th July 2003
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ian ian is offline
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Wait a while Brian

Hello Brian,

I have not checked out his posts yet fully.
Got a bundle of updates to do on Gaming floor. Will get back here with my opinion. Then it's up to you.

Gaming floor -
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